About Us

Equus Imports was formed in 2007, and is primarily involved in the importing, manufacturing and provision of new and innovative equine products to the market. All of our products are for the benefit of the horse and rider, for either the owner or professional. All of our product range has been tried and tested by our contracted farriers. Only products that meet, or even exceed, our expectations (in both performance and results) are products we select to offer. We currently supply many large distributors in the UK as well as European markets. 

We offer: Fast Delivery - Safe & Secure Payment - Excellent Customer Service - High Quality Products - Money Back Guarantee

Warwick Bloomfield

Equus Imports was built by Warwick Bloomfield who qualified as a farrier in 1980 and has run his own shoeing practice, earlier in Wales and, from 1984 to the present day in Berkshire. From the late 90’s after gaining new information on hoof balance and loading has changed his shoeing method to a more balanced approach.

Since then Warwick has worked around the world helping farriers, owners and trainers alike see the benefits for all of this advanced shoeing method. Subtle changes in hoof preparation and shoe placement make a huge difference to the locomotion of the horse. Interference in their natural movement can have a devastating effect on the horse’s wellbeing, often ending in long term lameness from manmade hoof and locomotion related problems.

Since changing his shoeing method Warwick has helped many long term lame horses back to full soundness and extended their useful lives by many years.

From his extensive travels, Warwick has found many useful and innovative products that also help the equine world and EQUUS IMPORTS Ltd, a company that bring these new products to the market. Established in 2007 the company now have a growing client base in the UK and also export to many countries in the EU and the world. All products that are sold are tried and tested by Warwick and his team. In his own words Warwick says “We are only interested in products that are of genuine benefit to the user and does exactly what it says on the tin”.

Warwick is still a working farrier specialising in balanced shoeing and barefoot trimming. He offers training, demonstrations and lectures on his advanced shoeing and trimming methods. Please click here for Hoof Solutions to see more information and contact details. Warwick can also demonstrate the many Products EQUUS IMPORTS now sell.

Maria Dunstan

I was born in the North East of England, in a town called Jarrow and moved south to London in 1986

I have no experience with horses only stroking them when they popped their heads out of the stables in my uncles farm. My uncle had the perfect idea to get me on a horse “Gentle Ben”. Now Gentle Ben was a beautiful Black Shire horse, I had to climb up on the barn gates to mount up, there was no saddle I had to ride him bear-back !!  I had one quick trot round the barn, but I felt safer with my feet on the ground. I love the horses but I prefer to stroke them.

I have since settled down in Maidenhead, with my husband, son and our soppy Jack Russel Terrier

I have a over 30 years of working in finance since my very first job.  I have completed AAT Level 4 Technician, and CIMA F1, also completed NVQs in accounting, Pitman’s City and Guilds, as well as first aid at work.

I have been a XERO accredited Partner since 2018

My pastime hobby is art, I like to spend my free time painting or drawing, and if I am not doing that I am usually out walking the dogs with my friends.

Since joining Equus Imports in April 2019 I got to understand the products which we sell and what they offer to the horse, owner and rider, and really enjoyed getting speak to some of the horse owners and listen to some of the voice messages, I am learning a great deal about all the different issues the horses have and how the season conditions affect them, and how our products work to help this.

Having now taken on the full responsibility as Managing Director of Equus Imports Ltd I am looking forward to the future working with all our current and new customers and helping to build the brand of Eqqus Imports Limited.